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This was my first independent project. The talented Gloria Mwez, founder of That Untitled Project, invited me to reflect on and write about darkness. In preparing this piece, I had the opportunity to interview Gloria about her work as a dancer and choreographer and how her particular embodiment shaped her experiences. I was honored to both write and provide the voice over that Gloria used for her final choreography. Discover more of Gloria's work at or follow her @that_untitled_project on Instagram.

Since 2014, I have written and performed eight stories with 2nd Story and am working on my ninth. Universe willing and the creek don't rise, I'll work them all into a memoir of sorts. 2nd Story has been a great writing community. Finishing and performing stories here has fueled me in the seemingly endless project of writing a longer piece of fiction. I've performed this particular story countless times and it lives on the 2nd Story podcast, which you can find at and you can learn more about 2nd Story here:

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